APOKALUPSIS is Joseph Sulkowski’s Magnum Opus, the culminating masterwork of his international career as a Classical artist. It is not a traditional museum exhibition where you are a passive observer of art. This is a visual and emotional journey created from a lifetime of writing, drawing and painting. Sulkowski then collaborated with talents in film, publishing, editing and sculpting to produce the traveling exhibition of APOKALUSPSIS: An Uncovering.

Apokalupsis is the Greek word meaning to uncover or to lift the veil to reveal something new. In this work, the artist seeks to unveil the universal connection we have with each other, all of life and the planet itself. Sulkowski’s inspired Mural is an allegory representing a roving pack of Foxhounds as symbolic expressions of the hidden truth of our human existence, the sacred reality that All is One.


Morris Museum of Art


1 Tenth Street
Augusta, GA
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Dates: March 1- April 21, 2024

Note: The Masters Golf Tournament will take place April 8-14

Museum of the Dog


101 Park Avenue
New York City
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Dates: May 8- August 4, 2024

148th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

148th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2024

USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Queens, New York City
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Dates: May 11-14, 2024



Joseph Sulkowski, Creator of APOKALUPSIS, An Uncovering

Joseph Sulkowski is an award-winning artist in the Classical tradition. Born in 1951 in Pittsburgh, PA, he knew from age five that art was to be his lifelong passion. His formal studies began at the oldest art school in the U.S., the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, followed by five additional years of a focused apprenticeship of Old Master principles and techniques at the Art Students League of New York under mentor Frank Mason.

He describes his technique as an eclectic fusion of Renaissance and 17th century Italian, Flemish and Dutch principles and techniques and regards the 17th century Spanish master, Diego Velasquez, as the greatest artist in this tradition. Sulkowski expresses his world on canvas through brilliant effects of light dramatically contrasted with the luminosity and depth of vaporous transparent shadows.

Joseph Sulkowski paints in a style of Poetic Realism, an approach more interpretive than literal. It is the nebulous, the intangible and the invisible aspects of reality that inspire his paintings of light, space and atmosphere and create the “stuff” out of which the genuine and enduring qualities of our physical world are made visible.

To find out more about Joseph Sulkowski and his work, visit josephsulkowski.com


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Joseph H. Sulkowski Fine Art

Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is on special loan to the city of Arles in Provence for only three months. This Iconic and famous work has returned to Arles for the first time after being away for 136 years when Vincent painted it! Van Gogh was intent on painting a nocturne, focusing on the effects of starlight at night. It remains as dazzling as the day he painted it. #vincentvangoghlove #arlestourisme #starrynightvangogh ... See MoreSee Less
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One of the greatest equine artists and one of my favorites,French painter Theodore Gericault, in an exquisite exhibition here in Paris. A true master and artist’s artist!#gericault #masterequineartists #frenchequineartists #theraftofthemedusa ... See MoreSee Less
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APOKALUPSIS/Our Animal NatureA human being is fundamentally an animal being.Out of our inherent animal nature emerge three primal compulsions that constitute man’s physical and psychological relationship to his immediate surroundings and to his wider universe. The first and most elementary is that life feeds on lives for its very survival. It is the common mark of all animal life that it can maintain itself only by destroying life.The second primal compulsion is the sexual urge. A regeneration of the species is paramount. The third motivation is power and power over others. This triad of the urges of feeding, procreating and overcoming are the motivating powers corresponding with the first three power centers or chakras of our human bodies. They are animalistic, tribal and crucial for survival. In contrast to the primordial characteristics we share with animals associated with our nostrils, muscles, throat and teeth we also talk admiringly of “animal magnetism”, evoking the animal as a positive psychic presence that is more esthetic than brutal. Beyond the primal compulsions, humans have identified beauty as the very sensibility of the cosmos and our animal sense organs allow us to feel and breathe in the world. The universe when perceived this way is esthetic because it is animal and reconnects us to a more intensely sensitive relationship with ourselves, all of life and the wonders of the natural world. In a moving sentiment by naturalist, Henry Beston, we find a wise and moving concept of animals. He said, “In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings: they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.” ... See MoreSee Less
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The APOKALUPSIS:An Uncovering exhibition has opened at the AKC Museum of the Dog at 40th and Park Avenue in Manhattan. Dog lovers are in town from all over the world for the 148th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. A festive time to be in the Big Apple to enjoy and celebrate art, culture and man’s best friend! #dogpaintingsofinstagram #akcmuseumofthedog #westminsterkennelclubdogshow #josephsulkowskipaintings ... See MoreSee Less
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The APOKALUPSIS: An Uncovering exhibition has concluded its stay at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, GA and is now on its way to New York. It has been an honor to debut this work at such an illustrious museum and I’m grateful to Director, Kevin Grogan, and his extraordinary staff including Denise, Catherine , Nicole, McCall and Dwayne for making it all possible. Special thanks to Mr. Billy Morris and the Morris family for hosting the beautiful opening Gala. The exhibition will continue at the AKC Museum of the Dog in New York City from May 8 to August 4. A festive time begins with the 148th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, May 11-14. We look forward to seeing everyone as we share a common passion for art and dogs! #akcmuseumofthedog #morrismuseumofart #josephsulkowskipaintings #dogpaintings ... See MoreSee Less
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As an artist in the Classical tradition, I see the living world as a realm of dynamic processes of light, rhythm and beauty. A flower is not a thing, but an event, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. We don’t have to go in search of the miraculous to experience the awe and wonder of our everyday world. From the fruit on the table to the eggs in the pantry or even a cup of hot tea with lemon in the afternoon, Nature reveals its living essence and inner light. William Blake states this beautifully in his poem: “To see a World in a grain of sand, And a Heaven in a wildflower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour”#williamblake #chardin #josephsulkowskipaintings #classicalart ... See MoreSee Less
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